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Richard Bowen

Managing Director Aurum Laboratories Pty Ltd

In 2007 Richard established Aurum Laboratories in Beckenham specialising in fast turnaround gold and base metal service.


Graduated from University of Adelaide Honours Degree in Chemistry 1975.


WMC Kambalda Nickel Operations

Research and Development Chemist

  • Researched and improved the DMG procedure for analysis of Nickel in concentrates.

  • Developed the method for determining Non Sulphide nickel.

Tasmania - Savage River Mines

Project Chemist

  • Responsible for a small onsite analytical laboratory and carrying out the duties of plant metallurgist to improve the performance of the WHIMS concentrator.

Northern Territory - Pancontinental Mining Jabiluka Uranium project

Environmental Chemist

  • Developed low level procedures for the analysis of trace metals and nutrients in the water, soil and biota. Regular sampling was carried out which formed the basis for the Environmental Impact Statement prior to gaining approval to mine and process the Uranium Ore.

Kalgoorlie -  Anaconda Australia Kalgoorlie Geochemical Laboratory

Senior Chemist

  • Responsible for all geochemical analytical work for the company's exploration team which included developing analytical procedures for gold, nickel, uranium and diamonds.

  • Commissioned and operated the first simultaneous and sequential ICP-OES for the low level analysis of the refractory elements such as Sn and W.

Perth - SGS in Queens Park Laboratory

Laboratory Manager

  • Responsible for broadening the range of services offered by the Laboratory to the exploration, mining, agricultural, metallurgical and environmental industries.

  • Developed new analytical methods to offer to a diverse range of clients in the mining and metallurgical industries.

  • Obtained ISO9002 accreditation for the Laboratory and became a NATA signatory for most analytical work carried out.

  • Involved in the certification and analysis of shipment and trade samples. Authorised signatory of trade certificates with SGS in Western Australia.

Balcatta - Australian Assay Laboratories

Chief Chemist and Lab Manager

  • Manager of AAL in Balcatta – head Lab in Australia.

  • Responsible for method development, quality control across the group and accreditation Managed agricultural laboratory and onsite laboratories.

Welshpool - Analabs and then SGS

Lab Manager

  • Manager of Analabs in Welshpool - largest Lab in Western Australia.

  • Further expanded knowledge of geochemical analysis with MMI and other partial digests using ICP-MS and the analysis of bauxite using classical bombing techniques.


81-83 Bickley Road

Beckenham WA 6107

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